Texas Courthouse Illuminates Christian Crosses in Windows, Defying Legal Threat May 12, 2019

Texas Courthouse Illuminates Christian Crosses in Windows, Defying Legal Threat

Just days after the Texas Attorney General’s office told officials at the San Jacinto County Courthouse that they didn’t need to take down their giant Christian crosses in the windows — no matter what the Freedom From Religion Foundation said — the people inside the courthouse are promoting Christianity without consequences.

Those crosses were visible during the day and supposedly lit up over the holiday season. It was an obvious indication that Christians received preferential treatment inside. But Thursday night, in apparent celebration of how Christians get special treatment under the law in the state, the crosses were lit up just for the hell of it.

Because who gives a damn about the First Amendment?

The commenters there are making it clear that Christianity “won”… which just goes to show you how everyone sees this as an obvious promotion of Christianity. The sad thing is that Texas officials would feel right at home in the comment thread.

It’s still not clear if a local plaintiff is willing to file a lawsuit with FFRF’s help. If someone doesn’t step up, though, these people are going to keep pushing Jesus on the community, including in the one place where religion shouldn’t play any role in the proceedings.

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