This Christian Claims No One Said “Merry Christmas” at Drive-Thrus Under Obama May 9, 2019

This Christian Claims No One Said “Merry Christmas” at Drive-Thrus Under Obama

Conservative Christian commentator Matt Couch said in a bizarre rant today that he’s grateful to Donald Trump for the fact that people are saying “Merry Christmas” again. Because apparently, no one was allowed to do such a thing when Barack Obama was in office.

President Trump is a chosen man. And if you don’t believe that, you just don’t understand how things are working out in this country, in this world. You don’t have to like him, but unfortunately for you, facts matter. Facts unfortunately matter.

People say “Merry Christmas” now when you go through the drive-thru. That didn’t happen eight years ago, folks. And, once again, if you say it did, you’re a liar. I’m sorry. I hate to be that mean. But if anyone tries to tell me that, eight years ago, when Barack Hussein Obama was in the middle of his eight-year run, if any of you really think that people were saying “Merry Christmas,” hell no, they weren’t. They were not!

And I’ve noticed the last two years, it doesn’t matter if I go through an Arby’s or a Chick-fil-A. People are saying “Merry Christmas.” They weren’t doing that four or five years ago. President Trump has brought that back.

You should all be horrified that the cashier at McDonald’s didn’t wish you a “Merry Christmas” earlier today…

This may come as a shock to the MAGA crowd, but mentioning “Christmas” (even in a drive-thru window) was not, in fact, illegal under the Obama regime. It happened everywhere. All the time. There was no rule saying mentions of it had to be below 30 decibels, either. And — this may be shocking to Couch — Obama himself sometimes said the phrase. In public.

What was that thing about facts mattering…?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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