Ken Ham Is Desperately Trying to Get Pat Robertson to Visit Ark Encounter May 6, 2019

Ken Ham Is Desperately Trying to Get Pat Robertson to Visit Ark Encounter

A week after televangelist Pat Robertson said that Young Earth Creationism was “nonsense” that “just doesn’t compute” — not for the first time — Creationist Ken Ham is desperate to milk the comments for all they’re worth.

Yesterday, he called for Robertson to bring his TV crew and take a tour of Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. Why not? It’s free publicity for Ham and an event he could use for marketing material for years, just as he’s done with his two events with Bill Nye.

Needless to say, Robertson isn’t going to go. It’s not like the museum or ark present facts, anyway. They just guilt people into accepting the Bible literally, and Robertson’s had people telling him for years he’s not a True Christian ™. Why would monologues by Ken Ham suddenly change his mind? You can’t teach an 89-year-old man new tricks.

Here’s a better question: If Ken Ham freely admits he’ll never change his mind, why does he expect everyone else will do so after spending a couple of hours looking at his toys?

(Thanks to Dan for the link)

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