Trump’s “Spiritual Adviser” Cast Out a “Demonic Network” at the White House May 4, 2019

Trump’s “Spiritual Adviser” Cast Out a “Demonic Network” at the White House

Good news! Prosperity gospel preacher and “spiritual adviserPaula White cast out the White House’s demons during the National Day of Prayer on Thursday.

It didn’t work. Donald Trump is still there.

She made the declaration after Trump’s speech in the Rose Garden.

“We are not wrestling against flesh and blood but against principalities, [powers,] wickedness and darkness, so we declare every demonic network to be scattered right now,” she said. “We declare right now that there is a hedge of protection over our president, first lady, every assignment, the purpose they carry and the mantle.”

She continued: “And like the apostle, apostle Paul, said in Galatians: ‘I was set apart from my mother’s womb, and marked off by boundaries.’ For let him fulfill all the will of the Lord and do the assignment God has carried him to do for your great name, for your great nation and all your people in the world.”

It’s unclear what that demonic network looked like, or why White waited until Thursday to scatter them, or how things have changed with them gone.

At least one part of that speech is accurate: Trump is “set apart” in that he’ll have the distinction of going down in history as America’s most incompetent president.

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