Trump Claims He Got Through the Mueller Probe by Thinking “About God” May 4, 2019

Trump Claims He Got Through the Mueller Probe by Thinking “About God”

Like many people in desperate need of a Hail Mary, Donald Trump said during his National Day of Prayer speech on Thursday that God helped him get through the Mueller probe. Which is strange, given that Mueller laid out example after example of how Trump obstructed justice and that God didn’t write the rule that claims sitting presidents can’t be indicted.

POLITICO reports:

“People say, ‘How do you get through that whole stuff? How do you go through those witch hunts and everything else?’” Trump said at the White House during a National Day of Prayer service.

He looked over to Vice President Mike Pence and shrugged.

“We just do it, right?” the president continued. “And we think about God.”

Right. Because Trump got on his knees to ask God for forgiveness… right before paying hush money to cover up his multiple affairs. Trump owes a far greater debt of gratitude to FOX News for defending him no matter what the evidence showed — and I would assume he spent far more time thinking about pleasing Sean Hannity than God. Or maybe he got the two confused.

Just how sincere Trump’s faith actually is up for debate. But if white evangelicals had any moral fiber left in them at all, they’d denounce him as not living up to the words of Christ, much less everything they’ve been preaching for years before he entered office.

Indeed, how sincere can Trump’s faith truly be when he’s on record claiming he has “no need for repentance” for his sins? Not seeing much Christian humility there.

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