Creationists Are Furious That Pat Robertson Said They Believe in “Nonsense” May 3, 2019

Creationists Are Furious That Pat Robertson Said They Believe in “Nonsense”

You knew this was going to happen.

Earlier this week, Pat Robertson dismissed Young Earth Creationism as “nonsense” that’s “so embarrassing” and how all that “6,000-year stuff just doesn’t compute.”

Now the Creationists are fighting back.

Ken Ham, whose entire career is built on the lie that the Earth a few thousand years old called on Robertson to “repent.” He also, hilariously, claimed Robertson adopted “man’s pagan religion”… which is ironic given that the two men say the same things about God 99% of the time.

Well, Pat Robertson of The 700 Club, we at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum don’t “limit Him [God] to 6,000 years.” We limit ourselves to let God tell us what he means in his Word. We don’t tell God what he means, and you need to stop telling God what you claim he means.

It’s not those of us who take God at his Word who are “embarrassing,” it’s the other way around! Those like Pat Robertson who adopt man’s pagan religion, which includes elements like evolutionary geology based on naturalism (atheism), and add that to God’s Word are destructive to the church. This compromise undermines the authority of the infallible Word. It’s a major reason why there’s been (and continues to be) an exodus from the church of the younger generations. They’ve been taught to doubt and not believe God’s Word, beginning in Genesis. Pat, repent of compromise.

Well, he’s right about one thing. Pat Robertson and his ilk are part of the reason people want nothing to do with Christianity. Though I would argue Ham contributes a lot more to that equation these days since his rejection of reality is more recent and relevant. Robertson only shows up on anyone’s radar when he says something dumb on his own show — but we’re used to that at this point.

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles, who used to work for Robertson, is also chiming in on his TruNews network, calling Robertson an “apostate” who needs to “retire” already.

>“He’s an apostate,” Wiles said. “Pat Robertson just denied the first chapter of the Holy Bible. He doesn’t believe Genesis 1 … The real embarrassment is Pat Robertson. He’s the embarrassment. The only fossil in this story is Pat Robertson, a relic of the past who should retire. Go away.

“He is an embarrassment to the body of Christ,” Wiles added. “It is time for the saints to unite and chase the heretics and the apostates out of the one holy church. Drive ’em out!”

“He is an embarrassment to the body of Christ,” said an embarrassment to the body of Christ.

It’s scary to think that I agree with Rick Wiles… the difference is, tomorrow, I’ll continue rejecting Robertson because I know he’s a kook, while Christians like Wiles and Ham will fall right back in line with whatever nonsense Robertson says about the Bible.

This whole debate is nothing more than a battle of wits between two unarmed sides.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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