Christian Writer: A 5G Network Will Surely “Usher In the Antichrist” May 1, 2019

Christian Writer: A 5G Network Will Surely “Usher In the Antichrist”

Christian author and El Shaddai Ministries founder Mark Biltz insists that a 5G network (i.e. faster internet) is just an opening for the Antichrist.

Because he’s writing for Charisma, where I’m almost certain they pay people per dropping of excrement.

what does 5G, technology, artificial intelligence and more have to do with the Antichrist and the end times?

Plenty, says pastor and author Mark Biltz

“As technology becomes more and more a part of our everyday lives,” Biltz says, “we must consider theories about the Antichrist and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, Siri, Alexa, Watson, 5G and more, which are creeping into our lives on a daily basis and changing our perspective of how things could possibly play out even in the next few years.

“And as the technology race continues, it is no longer difficult to imagine the Antichrist as some kind of hybrid human cyborg able to project himself all over the world at one time as a hologram that demands to be worshipped,” he added. “With all the advances in technology — the ability to produce avatars, holograms and computer software installed in our bodies so our thoughts and emotions, as well as our purchases and our movements, can be monitored — there is no doubt that we are at the culmination of one age and entering the threshold of another.”

Has this guy used Twitter before? The Antichrist arrived a while back.

Look: There are many security issues to worry about when it comes to a 5G network. The emergence of an Antichrist is not one of them.

Everyone knows that won’t happen until 6G.

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