This “Dead” Pastor Will Come Back to Life If You Give Her Enough Cash April 30, 2019

This “Dead” Pastor Will Come Back to Life If You Give Her Enough Cash

According to this clip posted in the r/Trashy subreddit, a pastor who’s “dead” can be resurrected if enough people throw money at her.

Do we know where this took place? No.

Is it real? Maybe.

Does she bounce back from the dead? Almost certainly.

How much money did it take to bring her back to life? More. The answer is always more.

I’m pretty sure I saw her body moving and that she’s not really dead. Shut up. Have faith. That pastor is definitely deceased.

Why did she die in the first place? She saw some sneakers she really wanted to buy.

What would’ve happened if church members just walked away instead of giving the pastor no money? Hahaha. Silly you. That’s not how churches work.

Why would anyone fall for this obvious scam? If you believe that speaking in tongues in real, and that a literal Adam and Eve existed, and that God hears your prayers, and that miracles exist, then this is no weirder than the Lord finally finding you that perfect parking space.

(Thanks to @ready1take1 for the link)

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