A TX Cemetery Board’s Decision to Remove Christian Imagery Has Locals Outraged April 30, 2019

A TX Cemetery Board’s Decision to Remove Christian Imagery Has Locals Outraged

If you were to visit the Tennessee Colony Cemetery in Texas, you would be greeted with this Nativity Scene silhouette at the entrance. Mind you, it’s a community cemetery, not a Christian one, but the imagery was installed last year for some reason.

Last week, the cemetery’s board voted 5-4 in favor of removing that Christian symbol from the entrance. They didn’t explain why, but I would guess it’s because they realized it makes no sense for a secular cemetery to include a specific religion’s icons right at the gate.

People have been complaining about the decision for days now, arguing that this is somehow an anti-Christian move… as if Christians just own all cemeteries and that maintaining a semblance of religious neutrality is an affront to their faith.

“Just another example of trying to kill Christianity,” LaLayne Rich posted on social media. “I have known a few who said they were atheists or agnostic, but they never said they were offended.”

Vivian Eaves also took to social media to object: “I have family buried there,” she wrote. “This idiocy is either anti-Christian or vindictive; either way, it is wrong.”

[Tennessee Colony resident Mary Costlow] Walker said the cemetery is open to all faiths, but she still does not understand the problem with the gate’s Christian images.

“Arlington Cemetery in Washington D.C. has crosses, doesn’t it?” she said. “My brother John’s gravestone has a verse from First Timothy on it. Do we need to remove that, too?”

Jesus, these people are ignorant…

Christianity isn’t dead. (I have a lot on my to-do list.) There’s nothing anti-Christian about removing an image that never should have gone up in the first place.

And yes, Arlington has crosses on tombstones if the soldiers wanted them. Bible verses on tombstones are fine. No one’s suggesting we desecrate individual gravestones. But when you enter Arlington National Cemetery, there isn’t a giant cutout of Jesus ushering you inside. This cemetery needs a sign out front and that’s about it. It doesn’t need to pick sides for the afterlife.

Maybe they would get the idea if the Christian imagery was replaced with Islamic symbols instead. Would that bother them? Would they say it doesn’t belong there? Because maybe then, they would get how everyone else feels.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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