Podcast Ep. 267: Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs April 26, 2019

Podcast Ep. 267: Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— The Duggar family refuses to call them deviled eggs. (1:15)

— Right-wingers attacked Democrats for their Sri Lanka tweets, but Donald Trump‘s similar message was ignored. (5:15)

— This Kentucky restaurant’s anti-LGBTQ shirts make no sense. (9:49)

— The U.S. House can legally reject atheist invocations. (13:58)

— A court said Philadelphia’s taxpayer-funded foster care clinics can’t discriminate against same-sex couples (20:03)

— Evangelist Franklin Graham says Pete Buttigieg “flaunted” his homosexuality by existing, I guess. (22:28)

— A Maryland middle school almost canceled a play because there’s a same-sex couple in it. (25:20)

— Never take sex advice from a person who was a virgin until marriage. (28:45)

— A study said abstinence pledges hurt women’s reproductive health down the line. (This survey is actually from 2016; it’s not recent. Sorry!) (39:07)

— Racist Rep. Steve King says he knows what Jesus went through because people hate him, too. (43:27)

— Irish bishops admitted that religious education classes make you dumber. (46:15)

— A right-wing rabbi said being gay is way worse than being a lesbian. (51:50)

Stephen Moore‘s writing about women is the worst. (56:43)

— A New York sheriff compared himself to Jesus when challenging body cams for cops. (1:02:25)

— A United Nations resolution against sexual violence hit an obstacle with the Trump administration. (1:06:09)

— We hope Rachel Held Evans gets well soon. (1:09:37)

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