Christian Post Writer: It’s “Madness” That Pete Buttigieg Kisses His Gay Partner April 26, 2019

Christian Post Writer: It’s “Madness” That Pete Buttigieg Kisses His Gay Partner

It’s really hard to take Christians seriously when they complain about the world’s lack of morality, then continue to support Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, that severe hypocrisy is lost on writers like Michael Brown, who recently wrote in the Christian Post about what he sees as “social madness” surrounding openly gay presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

Go ahead. Ban me. Block me. Get out your nasty dictionary and vilify me. Call me obsessed. Hateful. Bigoted. Have at it.

The fact is, there are a million things I’d rather write about, but the state of the world leaves me no choice. To be silent is to give tacit approval. To be silent is to accept. To be silent is to capitulate. And that’s not going to happen.

A Democratic leader announces his presidential candidacy and then turns to kiss his same-sex partner. And the crowd celebrates.

Sorry, but I’m not celebrating.

Now he knows how the rest of us felt when Trump told the world he grabs women by the pussy. That, at least, was an actual problem. Two men in a consensual relationship? If you’re even raising your eyebrows at this point, it’s an overreaction.

But Brown wasn’t done yet.

Our moral framework is collapsing, and our kids and grandkids and great-grandkids will pay dearly. How can I hold my tongue from speaking or restrain my pen from writing?

It is love that motivates me and moves me. Love for God. Love for America. Love for the coming generations. Love for what is best.

You can call it hate. You can brand me a Nazi. That will only encourage me to speak up all the more clearly.

On Monday, I tweeted, “[Make] no mistake about it: You can be polite, gracious, friendly, kind, and civil when discussing LGBT issues. But if you don’t affirm the LGBT agenda, you’ll be branded a hateful, bigoted, Nazi homophobe. Don’t be surprised!”

Oh my. The hateful bigot homophobe is self-aware.

But since he mentioned it, that “LGBT agenda” is merely to have the same rights and opportunities as straight couples. It means not having to worry if the local county clerk will deny you a marriage license. It means not having to worry about being kicked out of an AirBnB because you showed up with your same-sex partner. It means being able to hold hands with your partner in public, like normal couples do, without fear of harassment or violence.

It also means being able to tell voters why they ought to support you without religious writers flipping out over who you fell in love with. If Brown has any criticisms of Buttigieg’s policies, he’s welcome to tell us. The fact that he’s focused in on his bedroom tells you what he really cares about.

Honestly, Brown is no different than the preachers who bemoaned the collapse of society when public schools were integrated and interracial marriage was declared legal. They, too, were upset that the Bible was being “rewritten” to support such things, even though there have always been scholarly arguments to make for both sides of the issue.

If Brown really wants something to complain about, he should start with all the refugee kids still being held captive in GOP-backed internment camps. Leave the consenting adults alone.

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