Franklin Graham: Pete Buttigieg “Flaunted” His Sinful Homosexuality April 25, 2019

Franklin Graham: Pete Buttigieg “Flaunted” His Sinful Homosexuality

It’s never a good sign when evangelist Franklin Graham‘s name is trending on Twitter. This time, it was for calling on Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg to repent for flaunting his gayness.

In Franklin’s mind, though, that just means Buttigieg is doing with his husband in public what straight couples do all the time: They’re happy and affectionate and not ashamed of their relationship.

Graham called homosexuality a “sin” and “something to be repentant of, not something to be flaunted, praised or politicized,” in a tweet Wednesday.

In a CNN town hall Tuesday, Buttigieg said, “I get that one of the things about Scripture is different people see different things in it.”

“At the very least we should be able to establish that God does not have a political party,” the South Bend, Indiana, mayor said at the town hall.

That comment set off Graham, who agreed that God doesn’t have a political party before implying that God’s Word totally aligns with the Republican platform. Graham then went off on Buttigieg’s sexual orientation, as if he were boasting about it on the campaign trail. (The truth is he just doesn’t shy away from talking about it, nor does he believe being gay is a problem.)

That said, Graham’s selective anger is telling. You know what else should not be “flaunted” or “praised” according to Graham’s own interpretation of the Bible? Adultery. Paying off a porn star to keep her quiet about said adultery. Sexual assault. Lying. Telling people to lie for you. Ignorance. Cruelty. And the Bible doesn’t come with an asterisk that says those things are sins only when committed by a Democrat.

Buttigieg has only been married once. As far as we know, he’s remained faithful. His relationship is strong, and he’s not afraid of showing affection for his partner while campaigning.

Graham seems incapable of recognizing love because he’s blinded by his bigotry. And he’s all too eager to turn a blind eye when his preferred candidate commits sin after sin.

By the way, it’s ironic that Graham says homosexuality should not be “politicized” when he and other conservative Christians have gone out of their way to make LGBTQ rights a wedge issue. Buttigieg is just living his life. Graham is the one trying to turn his relationship into a political weapon.

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