Bible Belt Movie Theater Censors Title of “Hellboy” on Marquee April 25, 2019

Bible Belt Movie Theater Censors Title of “Hellboy” on Marquee

In this week’s episode of “You Know You Live in the Bible Belt When,” the Roxy Movie Theater in Dickson, Tennessee censored the title of the movie Hellboy in an apparent attempt to make it more palatable to people driving by.

I would say that’s a weird thing to change, except we just saw what the Duggars did with deviled eggs. Still, technically, “Hell” isn’t even a bad word. Christians in the Bible Belt certainly believe it’s an actual place.

And just to show you how much of an overreaction this sign is, not even Focus on the Family altered the movie title on their review website.

The censorship would at least be more convincing if the movie theater went all the way. Instead, they’re indicating they have a problem with the film’s title but not, apparently, making money off of it. (Nor do they have a problem with the evolution-implying Missing Link.)

Which means someone could theoretically drive past the theater and notice a film called Heckboy, only to be extremely shocked when a different movie begins.

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