The Duggar Family Seriously Calls Deviled Eggs “Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs” April 24, 2019

The Duggar Family Seriously Calls Deviled Eggs “Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs”

The Duggar family (of 19 Kids and Counting fame) recently posted a picture on their Instagram account of a couple of the kids making deviled eggs.

Only they didn’t call them that. Because of Satan.

Instead, they called them “Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs.”

For what it’s worth, the word “deviled” in “deviled eggs” doesn’t refer to Satan at all, but is instead a culinary term from the 18th century that means “spicy.”

But apparently the Duggars aren’t alone in creating a Christian euphemism when one wasn’t needed. One commenter wrote, “Why give the devil more popularity when he already runs rampant in society?” Others wrote to say they call them “blessed eggs” or “doubled eggs” (which sounds similar except it’s not).

Some took the opposite approach, vowing to start calling them “Satanic Eggs” out of spite. And plenty of people offered proverbial eye rolls and said things like, “God has the worst fan base.”

And thus concludes the second worst thing involving the Duggar family.

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