Woman Who Held a Church at Gunpoint with Her Baby Says She’s God’s Apostle April 23, 2019

Woman Who Held a Church at Gunpoint with Her Baby Says She’s God’s Apostle

A woman who claims to be God’s apostle was arrested on Easter Sunday for holding an entire church congregation at gunpoint and threatening to blow them up… all while holding her 10-month-old baby.

You know. Just normal God stuff.

31-year-old Anna Conkey, who is being charged with assault with a firearm, child cruelty, and more, is a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Police said Conkey walked into the auditorium of the Mount Everest Academy Sunday afternoon, where the non-denominational Tsidkenu Church was having Easter service, and began making threats.

SDPD said Conkey threatened to blow up the church while she waved a handgun.

Witness David Michael Miller, one of several who disarmed and subdued Conkey until police arrived, said Conkey pointed the gun at the congregation, at herself and at her baby as he and others approached her.

“She was being very apprehensive, pointing the gun at them, pointing the gun at her baby, saying ‘Don’t come closer, don’t come any closer,'” Miller, a member of the U.S Army, said.

It’s not immediately clear if Conkey is mentally unstable, desperate for attention, or something else, but her recent uploads on YouTube were considered suspicious.

I’ve been experiencing the rapture since January 12th,” Conkey said in video posted on the YouTube channel “Heavenly Frequency” just hours before the incident. “If you think just following a holy text is going to save you, you’re wrong. Because prophecy is gonna be fulfilled.”

Any argument that she was mentally unstable may be undone by an email that appears she sent before the incident.

Minutes before the incident, an email was sent to NBC 7 from an account with the name “Anna Conkey.” The email was sent as a news tip.

There’s a woman claiming to be the messiah, saying she was sent to blow up the foundation of the Church — she’s got a gun and a child is involvedThere’s about 70 people in the auditorium of the school where the church service is held,” the message said.

If this message was indeed sent by Conkey to her former employer — she was an intern at the news station — it suggests she knew exactly what she was doing. Either way, it’s clear that she had a statement to make and decided to do it by making threats. The gun was apparently unloaded, but the people in the congregation obviously didn’t know that at the time. Conkey was also escorted out of the same church a week earlier, though it’s not clear if that’s the main reason she acted out this past weekend.

For her sake, let’s hope the courts can sort out the problems and that she gets whatever help she needs. It’s not like prayers are going to save her.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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