Texas Woman Arrested After Threatening to Decapitate and Resurrect Her Parents April 23, 2019

Texas Woman Arrested After Threatening to Decapitate and Resurrect Her Parents

There’s just so much sadness in this story because there’s no telling where the delusion begins.

A 33-year-old woman from Texas was arrested after threatening to decapitate her parents and “resurrect them along with her three dead children.” In an affidavit, her parents said they added locks on their bedroom doors and tried getting their daughter a mental health evaluation but were told she needed to get that on her own.

Jodi English Tucker has now been charged with two counts of terroristic threats.

Jodi Tucker reportedly told her parents it was judgment day and she was going to cut off their heads. Regenia Tucker stated she feared for her life as this was the first time Jodi Tucker had acted aggressively toward them.

Jodi Tucker reportedly refused to talk to officers as she stated they weren’t real cops and the cartels were coming after her and the cartels were watching her family.

Officers saw Jodi Tucker’s eyes were glassy and she looked as if she hadn’t showered in days, the affidavit stated.

As with any story like this, you hope she gets the help she needs since she’s obviously not well.

(Thanks to Sammi for the link)

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