Pat Robertson Tells Self-Hating Gay Man “This Gender Identity Stuff” Is Tough April 23, 2019

Pat Robertson Tells Self-Hating Gay Man “This Gender Identity Stuff” Is Tough

During today’s episode of The 700 Club, a clearly depressed man wrote in to ask Pat Robertson what to do about his homosexuality. He said he wasn’t even sure about his sexuality but “all my life I have been called gay by different people.” (Which is a rather strange way of putting it…) But he also said he found comfort in men during traumatic times in his life. As a born-again Christian, he was struggling with his orientation and the idea that homosexuality is a sin.

“What if God made me this way?” he asked Robertson.

You have to feel bad for the guy… not only is he struggling with being gay, he thinks writing to Pat Robertson is the best way to get an answer. The guy has a lot of issues.

Robertson only made things worse, urging the man not to act on his homosexuality before inadvertently pivoting to a different topic altogether.

… God made you, and you know, you can’t say “God made me thus.” You read the Bible, it’s very clear. You know, you cannot blame God for doing something that is… sinful. And it’s just that simple. You can’t blame Him for it.

He made me with a predisposition to alcohol, so I’m an alcoholic, and it’s God’s fault! No way! I’m sorry. It just doesn’t work that way. If you know it’s wrong, then don’t do it, and stay away from that which will lead you toward it.

And, you know, I know it’s tough, but with all this gender identity stuff, I mean, I think we’ve got to recognize that God made male and female, and He did it to bring forth godly offspring… and the Bible says that God “gave them up to unnatural passions.” You read the book of Romans. Unnatural passion. Women lusting for women, Men lusting for men. And He said that was the final place of gentile apostasy, so it’s not a good thing.

For those keeping score:

— Robertson implied that the man chose to be gay. (He didn’t.)

— Robertson compared homosexuality to alcoholism. (They’re not even in the same ballpark.)

— Robertson confused homosexuality with being transgender… somehow. (Because it’s all the same, right?)

It’s horrible advice. Unfortunately, the type of people who watch Robertson’s show and the type of people who enjoy being lied to. Which means the poor guy who wrote in is only going to struggle more after hearing this response.

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