Conservative Rabbi: Marrying for Money is a “Lot Better Than Marrying for Love” April 20, 2019

Conservative Rabbi: Marrying for Money is a “Lot Better Than Marrying for Love”

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, who once told Glenn Beck that “atheists are parasites,” said on a recent podcast that women should marry for money, not love, because it’s the biblical thing to do.

Women who marry for money, that is a whole lot better than marrying for love! That’s the case I am making, and it’s one that I believe to be absolutely true otherwise I wouldn’t tell it to you, and I’m bringing some information where this story is rooted in the Bible.

If somebody’s gonna be as foolish as to marry for love, then let me tell you you are not being any less foolish by marrying for money. You are not being any less foolish. And so my hope is that, next time you hear somebody saying, “Oh, she just married him for his money,” speak up. Speak up and tell them how mistaken that is, and how much better it is than to hear somebody saying, “Oh, she just married somebody because she fell in love with him.”

See, we’ve been conditioned by the propaganda of the culture, that when we hear, “Oh, she married him for love,” oh that’s wonderful! No, it isn’t! It’s a calamity in the making, probably. Not always. Not always. But you stand a far, far better chance, assuming you know nothing else about him other than #1, you fell in love with him, or #2, he’s made some money honorably, go with the latter. Please.

Marrying for money is by no means the worst thing in the whole world. It’s far from it. It’s certainly a whole lot better than marrying for love.

Religion: It always finds a way to kill the romance. It won’t surprise you to learn that Lapin is effectively a believer in the Prosperity Gospel and the idea that God wants you to be wealthy.

I don’t know what Bible verse he’s pointing to in defense of this, but does it matter? If your takeaway from anything in that book is that money beats love, in any way, for any reason, it’s not a book worth revering.

(via Right Wing Watch. Featured image via Shutterstock)

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