Ozark (MO) Finally Moves Large Cross to Private Land (After Lowering Its “Arms”) April 18, 2019

Ozark (MO) Finally Moves Large Cross to Private Land (After Lowering Its “Arms”)

Last winter, there was controversy in Ozark, Missouri over a city-sponsored Christian cross (which lit up at night) in a local park. Due to pressure from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and over the opposition of the mayor who wanted to keep the cross in place, city officials agreed to remove the “horizontal arms” of the cross and later move the entire installation to a private section of the property where they won’t be responsible for maintaining it.

At long last, the cross has finally been moved to that location. It’s a move that will avoid a costly lawsuit. It also makes you wonder why they couldn’t just do this earlier.

The state/church watchdog [FFRF] had persuaded Ozark officialdom to do the constitutionally right thing the beginning of this year after many twists and turns.

“We’re so pleased that Ozark officials ultimately did the right thing,” says FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. “We are not a Christian nation, Ozark is not a Christian town, and moving the cross to private property demonstrates that the town is welcoming to all its citizens.”

See? Problem solved. All it took was a nudge from atheists and a ton of media coverage.

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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