Hate-Preacher Calls on God to “Curse” Bank for Closing Church’s Accounts April 16, 2019

Hate-Preacher Calls on God to “Curse” Bank for Closing Church’s Accounts

Christian Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson claims (without evidence) that Bank of America shut down his church’s corporate accounts “without notice” because they hate “Bible-believing Christians.”

His Arizona church will receive whatever money is in its accounts via check within a couple of weeks, but Anderson insists this is all part of some anti-Christian conspiracy.

… obviously the Devil wants to attack us, try to slow us down, stop us, take away our finances so that we can’t operate, but guess what? We got enough money to operate. We’re rolling…

Bank of America can go to Hell as far as I’m concerned, you know? A bunch of wicked, sodomite-loving weirdos running that back, or whatever their stinking problem is with Bible-believing Christians. Why they want to persecute God’s people and support the wicked… and, you know, it’s disgusting what Bank of America is doing. And it’s so dishonest, also, how they can just steal your money, and hang on to it…

What a bunch of wicked thieves. What an abomination Bank of America is. I pray that God would curse Bank of America and punish that evil corporation for siding with the God-haters against Bible-believing Christians.

And then he talked about how he couldn’t wait to bring people to Jesus. (With all that love oozing out of his pores, I’m sure that shouldn’t be a problem.)

It’s amazing how Anderson had no problem working with a bank that sides with “God-haters” and is run by “sodomite-loving weirdos” up until the moment they did something he didn’t like…

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