Ohio’s Anti-Abortion “Heartbeat” Bill Will Put Women’s Lives in Danger April 15, 2019

Ohio’s Anti-Abortion “Heartbeat” Bill Will Put Women’s Lives in Danger

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine recently signed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, making the procedure illegal by the time a heartbeat is detected, which is roughly around six weeks into pregnancy… and before some women even realize they’re pregnant.

The bill will inevitably put women’s lives at risk, something that means little to the “pro-life” crowd, but the purpose of the bill is bigger than getting in between Ohio women and their doctors. The goal for the GOP-controlled state is to get sued and continue appealing the inevitable loss until they can get the case into the hands of the conservative Supreme Court.

The bill would make it a fifth-degree felony, punishable by up to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine, for a doctor who fails to test for a fetal heartbeat or proceeds with an abortion after detecting one. In addition to the State Medical Board potentially taking action against the doctor’s license, the board could levy an additional fine of $20,000 to fuel a fund supporting foster-care and adoption services.

(It’s sad to say this isn’t even the worst bill of its kind; that distinction belongs to the Texas legislator who wants women put to death if they obtain an abortion.)

Needless to say, if the goal is to prevent abortions, this bill won’t do it. Banning abortions only blocks safe abortions. Women who want or need them will either travel to a less restrictive state (if possible) or go back to doing what they did before Roe v. Wade: They’ll risk their lives to obtain abortions in unsanitary conditions. So long as there is pregnancy, there will be abortions. That’s a fact.

The Republicans who care so much about these bills are never the same politicians who address several of abortion’s root causes, including poverty, expensive healthcare, unpaid maternity leave (or lack of maternity leave at all), inadequate sex education, lack of accessible birth control, and subsidized childcare, to name a few of them.

We know exactly what it takes to decrease abortions. But the Republican Party in Ohio has chosen to put women in danger instead — and if they get their way, women outside of Ohio will soon have to suffer the same fate.

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