Bryan Fischer: Pete Buttigieg Would Be the “Biggest Threat to Religious Liberty” April 14, 2019

Bryan Fischer: Pete Buttigieg Would Be the “Biggest Threat to Religious Liberty”

The people who think this administration’s countless scandals have all been blown completely out of proportion and who act like Donald Trump is their new savior are already warning America about the threat to our freedoms that is Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg.

Writing for Christian outlet OneNewsNow, Bryan Fischer says Buttigieg would be the “biggest threat to religious liberty in history.” Ironic, considering Buttigieg is an Episcopalian who thinks we should act like Jesus and help the poor instead of using religion as a weapon against minority groups.

Mind you, Fischer thinks Buttigieg is already discredited from holding office simply because he’s gay… yet he’s the real problem for Christians everywhere…

… it’s not just his sexual orientation we must worry about. It’s his sexual politics. Buttigieg embraces virtually every part of the extremist LGBT agenda, including its push for special rights for transgenders

He is an enthusiastic supporter of “The Equality Act” (more accurately, “The Homosexual Supremacy Act”). This bill is the single greatest direct threat to the America established by the Founders. Every right we cherish would be threatened by this bill, including our first liberty — the right to the free exercise of our Christian faith.

In other matters, Buttigieg believes “climate change” is a threat to our national security, and supports gun control laws, single-payer health care, and amnesty for illegal aliens.

Do not let his boyish good looks and charm deceive you. He threatens everything that you and I cherish.

OH NO! NOT GOOD LOOKS AND CHARM! Don’t be deceived by his handsomeness, America. He may have Fischer in his grips, but YOU CAN AVOID THAT FATE!

It’s amazing how equality (not supremacy and not “special” rights), science, gun safety, health insurance, and caring for refugee victims are all, in Fischer’s mind, anti-Christian. He has no idea his entire rant is a self-own. If the best thing you can say about Christianity is that, right now, it’s preventing people from getting the medical care they need — but don’t worry, they might get shot before the diseases kick in — that’s not a good marketing strategy. Yet it’s what FOX News-loving, white evangelical Trump voters believe is America at its best.

I don’t know if Buttigieg will win the primary, but most Democrats vying for the presidential nod support all the same things. Fischer is only going after him here because Buttigieg is gay and he provides a compelling counterbalance to the hate-based faith of fellow Hoosier Mike Pence. It’s not going to stop. Which also means we’re going to have plenty of opportunities to watch right-wing Christians complain and self-destruct over a possible country where people aren’t treated like garbage just because they don’t fit some conservative Christian mold.

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