Very Gullible Christian Woman Says Jesus is in a Pile of Rocks in Lynchburg, VA April 11, 2019

Very Gullible Christian Woman Says Jesus is in a Pile of Rocks in Lynchburg, VA

Jesus has returned, everyone. (Game’s over, atheists.)

Someone found Him. It turns out he was hiding in a pile of rocks in Lynchburg, Virginia — home to Liberty University, naturally.

“Do you see the nose, shut eyes, crown of thorns, bruised and puffy left eye, punched-wounded- puffy left cheek, beard, mustache, hair, long hair down the right side?” [Shae House] asked in the video posted on March 27.

She didn’t notice the image of the Son of God until she peered into her camera lens, then it became clear to her.

“Whoah, that looks like a face, and then I looked at it more clearer, and then I’m like that just looks like Jesus!” she said.

Everything looks like Jesus if you squint hard enough…

What’s weird is how people still don’t understand pareidolia. For the record, that’s just a rock formation. It’s not Jesus. It’s not a person. It’s just the side of the road. And Shae House is just very, very gullible.

Maybe the best part about her “testimony” was this line:

She pointed out that the image of Jesus can only be seen at a certain angle.

Amazing how Jesus wants to make Himself known to the world… but only from over there, not from over there. (We gotta see His good side, after all.)

No one take this woman to Mount Rushmore or she won’t be able to handle the sight of four Jesuses at once.

(Thanks to Elly for the link)

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