Humanist Delivers Invocation in AZ House: “Be the Lighthouses of Reason” April 11, 2019

Humanist Delivers Invocation in AZ House: “Be the Lighthouses of Reason”

Just a week after delivering his first invocation in front of the Arizona State Senate, Robert Peoples of the Affinis Humanity Coalition delivered another one on Tuesday before the Arizona State House as a guest of State Rep. Isela Blanc.

This one was equally excellent:

Everyone, I ask that you close your eyes and look within. Allow introspection to invoke the inquisitive child you once were.

As children, we are all natural scientists. Before societal indoctrination consumed our minds with tentacles of fear, we questioned everything. We looked up into the sky out of curiosity, not for apparitions. We connected holistically with our environment without judgment. Our minds were open to infinite possibilities.

But something happened. As we matured in age, we allowed spoon-fed realities to create ambiguities about our existence. We stopped reaching for the stars and began to retreat to the abyss of comfortability. Our minds have atrophied in the shallow waters of mediocrity. Where has that child gone?

As lawmakers in the state of Arizona, jurisprudence must be at the helm of your decision making. We no longer have luxuries of believing laws are moral. Through philosophical examination we must ask: Are they moral? We cannot afford to teach antiquated notions of yesterday.

It is imperative for our hearts and minds to evolve with the new information. Like the Rock of Gibraltar, we must stand unwavering in our quest for intellectual nobility and humanist dialogue.

Today, I ask that you be the lighthouses of reason and let empathy be its doors. Thank you.

Once again, Peoples showed how invocations can be inspirational without ever bringing up a higher power.

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