Bryan Fischer: Buttigieg’s “Sexual Life” is Fair Game Since Liberals Trash Trump April 11, 2019

Bryan Fischer: Buttigieg’s “Sexual Life” is Fair Game Since Liberals Trash Trump

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer said on his “Focal Point” radio show this week that he’s absolutely allowed to criticize Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg for being gay… because liberals have always gone after Donald Trump for his multiple marriages and affairs.

In fact, said Fischer, it’s the only reason conservatives are pointing out the fact that Buttigieg is gay. (They never would’ve done it if not provoked!)

“By making a candidate or a public official’s private sexual life an issue, then you are telling us that we are justified by making it an issue with Pete Buttigieg,” Fischer said. “If you do not want us to make his sexual behavior an issue, then you better stop talking about Donald Trump and what he did 12, 13 years ago and the years before that. Just cut it out. You keep talking about Donald Trump and his sexual peccadilloes, then you are giving us permission to talk about Pete Buttigieg and his sexual indiscretions.

Fischer is not a smart man.

People aren’t criticizing Trump for his affairs — it’s the secretive hush money payments that were a bigger deal. And his multiple marriages and affairs wouldn’t be an issue if white evangelical Christians hadn’t spent decades talking about their moral superiority only to fawn over Trump the moment it became clear he was their only path to get the judges they wanted. They dumped the whole “family values” schtick fast.

It’s evangelical hypocrisy that’s a problem.

Buttigieg isn’t a hypocrite about his sexual orientation. There are no “indiscretions” to speak of. He’s just gay. And a number of prominent evangelicals are trying to turn that into an issue because they can’t find anything else about him to complain about.

Kyle Mantyla at Right Wing Watch also points out:

Fischer, who declared five years ago that “somebody who is engaged in sexually deviant behavior is not qualified to hold public office,” would now have us believe that it is Democrats who are at fault for any attacks on Buttigieg because of his sexuality.

Fischer never learns. And his evangelical audience never cares.

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