Preacher Claims Musician John Tesh Was “Healed of Cancer Without Any Treatments” April 10, 2019

Preacher Claims Musician John Tesh Was “Healed of Cancer Without Any Treatments”

Christian preacher Andrew Wommack said on his “Truth & Liberty Coalition” webcast this week that Charis Bible College in Colorado would soon host an event with musician (and former Entertainment Tonight host) John Tesh. That’s true.

Then Wommack kept talking and things just got weird…

… John Tesh has become a friend over the last couple of years. He was miraculously healed of cancer without any treatments, and he’s done, I think, either 6 or 7 PBS specials on PBS. And they are coming here and filming this. And they asked if they could do another special with nothing but questions and answers.

And so John and I are gonna sit there and talk about healing, and they’re gonna air this on PBS, and so… it’s gonna be a great thing.

That’s… unusual.

In fact, Tesh has had treatments for his cancer. He’s had multiple surgeries for it. He’s said on Facebook he received chemotherapy.

So Wommack is just plain lying about Tesh being healed without any treatments.

As for the PBS special, while Tesh may be filming material for an upcoming special, there’s no indication that a Q&A session about cancer healing is being filmed, much less aired. (PBS did not respond to my question about that possible special.) It would be strange, to say the least, for the channel to air a Christian preacher’s irrational beliefs about cancer.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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