Texas Pastors Arrested for Allegedly Beating Child With Extension Cord April 9, 2019

Texas Pastors Arrested for Allegedly Beating Child With Extension Cord

This is like the worst game of “Clue” ever.

The answer is three pastors with a child, in Texas, with an extension cord.

You can take a wild guess what happened.

Police say Deborah Ann Graham, David Asa Graham and Tonya Hill were trying to get the child to confess to a suspected crime last month.

The child’s age and the extent of the child’s injuries were not released.

Each of them face charges of unlawful restraining and engaging in organized criminal activity by committing an assault which caused bodily injury. Both charges are felonies.

All three suspects work at “The Church — A Place of Worship for All Nations,” just outside of Dallas. The church released a simple statement on Facebook denying any and all wrongdoing:

Right. They are “INNOCENT.” And nothing screams “take me seriously” more than writing in ALL CAPS.

Here’s hoping the child is okay…

(Thanks to Joe for the link)

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