FOX News Contributor Inadvertently Proves Evangelicals Are Hypocrites April 8, 2019

FOX News Contributor Inadvertently Proves Evangelicals Are Hypocrites

As I posted earlier, Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said on Meet the Press yesterday that “the hypocrisy is unbelievable” when it comes to white evangelical Christians who support Donald Trump. Buttigieg, a Christian, explained that Jesus was all about helping the poor, taking care of strangers, and humbling yourself before others — all things Trump has actively ignored.

It’s not surprising that a FOX News contributor would take issue with Buttigieg’s characterization, but Rachel Campos-Duffy accidentally ended up proving him right.

During a segment this morning, Campos-Duffy (who’s married to Republican Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin) said that Buttigieg’s comments showed a “fundamental misunderstanding of what Evangelical, and frankly Catholic, Christians wanted.” (It begins at the 26:02 mark below.)

What about Buttigieg’s comments about how evangelicals, who always have something to say about other people’s sexual ethics, willingly looked the other way when it came to Trump’s affairs and hush money payments?

“I know his personal life is scandalous and colorful, I’ll take it any day of the week over Mayor Pete, because I know he won’t deliver on any of the policies that I like,” Campos-Duffy said.

“Colorful” is a euphemistic way to put it…

But Campos-Duffy just proved Buttigieg’s point. She doesn’t care about Trump’s ethics because she likes his policies — by which she means she likes that he appoints anti-abortion judge and takes certain actions in Israel. So what if he had multiple affairs while married to his third wife with whom he had just had his fifth child? Those things don’t matter!

For her, evangelical only amounts to being anti-abortion. Everything else is negotiable. (If Bill Clinton had been anti-abortion, it’s easy to see how they would’ve ignored his own White House scandal.)

To Buttigieg’s point, she’s saying Trump’s stance on a small handful of right-wing issues overrides how he appoints unqualified activist judges, puts children in cages, shows no real understanding of global affairs, surrounds himself with incompetent buffoons, has only exacerbated the problem of income inequality, has fueled the rise of white nationalists, and used the Christian Right’s fawning support as cover for all of his other problems.

Buttigieg is right to point out that progressive Christians are interested in doing what Jesus would do in all aspects of life. Forcing women to give birth against their will isn’t on that list, nor should it provide immunity for all the other “un-Christian” things Trump is doing.

If we have to have another Christian president, I’ll take someone who helps the poor and protects the disenfranchised any day of the week over someone who uses faith to justify atrocities.

(via Mediaite)

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