S. Dakota Governor, a Climate Denier, Calls for “Day of Prayer” After Flooding April 7, 2019

S. Dakota Governor, a Climate Denier, Calls for “Day of Prayer” After Flooding

Just as Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts called for a useless “Statewide Day of Prayer” in response to horrendous weather affecting his state, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is doing the same.

“In the last few weeks, South Dakota has been deeply impacted by extreme weather and severe flooding,” said Noem. “As a result of these storms, many communities have been left with destroyed roads, bridges, and culverts, stranded livestock, and flooded homes.”  

“This coming Sunday, I am asking South Dakotans to join me in praying for the well-being of our state, our first responders, and all those who’ve been affected by this disaster,” Noem continued. “By the grace of God, our communities will emerge from this challenge stronger than ever.”

The same God who allegedly had power over these natural disasters is the same God they’re asking to fix everything…

It’s especially appalling coming from Noem, who is a notable Republican climate change denier. When serving in the State House in 2010, she voted for a bill (HCR 1009) that urged public schools to teach children that climate change wasn’t settled science. It was laughable, really, because an initial version of the bill, which Noem also voted for, said “astrological” forces were impacting climate change. That wording was later changed before its final passage.

And now she thinks prayer, not addressing climate change, will have an impact on the “extreme weather and severe flooding.”

What else would you expect from someone who spent her first day in the governor’s mansion throwing a Christian worship party?

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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