Podcast Ep. 264: The Mormon Church is Slightly Less Anti-Gay Now April 6, 2019

Podcast Ep. 264: The Mormon Church is Slightly Less Anti-Gay Now

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— Hemant is speaking near Chapel Hill, North Carolina next Sunday! Come watch! (0:24)

— The Mormon Church has changed its rules to be a little less anti-gay. (0:56)

— Atheists are calling on Mississippi to offer a free alternative to the default “In God We Trust” license plate. (7:54)

— This is the worst Christian take on the election of Lori Lightfoot to mayor of Chicago. (14:09)

— Texas will ban all chaplains from execution chambers instead of allowing a Buddhist priest to enter the room with an inmate. (17:01)

— House Republicans voted against the Violence Against Women Act. (21:03)

— A North Dakota legislator was very upset by a Hindu invocation because the man didn’t pray to the “One True God.” (23:21)

— We finally have an openly Humanist member of Congress. It’s official! (26:30)

— An Arizona information hotline may lose funding because 0.0003% of calls last year asked about abortion services. (29:39)

— An unvaccinated kid may have exposed hundreds of people to measles in California. (35:30)

— Liberty University’s Title IX violation form shows you how little they care. (40:45)

— A guest of FOX News’ Laura Ingraham said transgender people are trying to “create a new species.” (43:20)

— The HPV vaccine has been linked to a serious drop in cervical disease. (46:29)

Donald Trump doesn’t understand windmills. (47:35)

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