Radio Host: Chicago Wouldn’t Elect a Lesbian Mayor if Men Told Women How to Vote April 4, 2019

Radio Host: Chicago Wouldn’t Elect a Lesbian Mayor if Men Told Women How to Vote

You may be shocked to learn that conservative radio host Jesse Lee Peterson, a self-hating black man who routinely trashes liberals and calls Donald Trump the “Great White Hope,” is also not a fan of feminism. Or women’s suffrage. Or LGBTQ people.

So you know the election of Lori Lightfoot, a black lesbian, to mayor of Chicago infuriated him.

But don’t worry. He has an explanation for how it happened: Men just didn’t do a good enough job of telling women how to vote.

“The reason all of this is happening,” he added, “is [because] of the women’s vote. There are more women voting … and they are voting for the wrong things, folks, the wrong people, the wrong emotional reasons. And the reason they’re doing it is because they don’t have men to say, ‘No, don’t vote for that person, that’s wrong, and here’s why it’s wrong.’ They don’t have men leading the way and then women have convinced the men to vote for the homosexuals and other people.”

Considering Lightfoot won the race with about 75% of the vote, even if women didn’t vote, she probably still would’ve won. And if she had lost, Peterson would still be angry considering the loser in the race was an also-black, also-female politician. He’s not satisfied unless a white conservative Christian man wins every race, every time.

It feels good to see him this upset. Let’s keep it going in 2020, shall we?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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