Far-Right Christian Activist Just Barely Loses Race for City Council in Colorado April 4, 2019

Far-Right Christian Activist Just Barely Loses Race for City Council in Colorado

Christian activist Gordon Klingenschmitt, who won a seat in the Colorado House of Representatives in 2014, lost his bid for the City Council in Colorado Springs. But not by much.

It’s important to understand just how disastrous and toxic he would’ve been. The most obvious obvious example of that occurred in 2015 when State Rep. Klingenschmitt responded to a brutal crime with no empathy whatsoever.

A pregnant woman was attacked by a stranger who literally cut her baby out of the womb. That man took that dead baby to a hospital and claimed the woman had a miscarriage.

Klingenschmitt’s response was that the crime was God’s punishment for permitting abortion (“not protecting innocent children in the womb”). Pregnant women being “ripped open” was just part of God’s plan. (He’s so “pro-life,” he didn’t give a damn about the attack on the woman.)

For a while, there was bipartisan unity in denouncing his statement. Even the head of the state’s GOP said Klingenschmitt “does not represent the Colorado Republican Party.”

Klingenschmitt didn’t resign, though. He lost a committee assignment, but he kept his seat.

In 2016, he ran for state senate but lost in the primary to another conservative Christian who knew when to keep his mouth shut about God’s punishments.

In 2017, he ran in a local race to become the vice chair of the El Paso County GOP… and still lost. This time, he earned only 30% of the vote.

But earlier this year, he told his fans he would get back into public office through another route. He said he would run for City Council in Colorado Springs.

I wish I could tell you he lost decisively in the polls… but that’s not the case at all. In an 11-person race with city council seats going to the top three vote-getters, Klingenschmitt came in fourth.

That’s a huge relief. It’s also incredibly frightening. You have to wonder if people voted for him simply because of name recognition or because they genuinely wanted him in office. Either way, more than 27,000 people didn’t know about or believe his past actions were dealbreakers.

Klingenschmitt accepted his defeat, but said on Facebook that “My base is growing…maybe next time.”

He may run for office again soon. Somewhere. Voters beware.

(via Right Wing Watch. Large portions of this article were published earlier)

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