Robert Jeffress: Pres. Clinton Would’ve Used the FCC to “Shut Evangelicals Down” March 30, 2019

Robert Jeffress: Pres. Clinton Would’ve Used the FCC to “Shut Evangelicals Down”

Pastor Robert Jeffress, a professional Christian Victim and one of Donald Trump‘s most vocal white evangelical supporters, told FOX Business Network host Lou Dobbs last night that they were lucky to have Trump in the White House.

In fact, he added, if Hillary Clinton had won, Christians wouldn’t even have a voice because Democrats would’ve forced them to shut up. Somehow.

… Make no mistake about it: Had this election gone to Hillary Clinton, they would’ve done everything they could, from the FCC and every other place, to shut evangelicals down, in sharing and exercising their faith

Right. Because Clinton’s first order of business post-inauguration would have been getting the FCC to shut down Joel Osteen.

This is the fever dream of evangelicals: They want to believe Democrats want to shut them down and shut them up when the reality is most of us would love to live in a country where we could happily ignore them. When we say we believe in freedom of religious, we mean it. The problem right now is that evangelicals have too much power, and they’re using it to oppress all those people Jesus told them to help.

Jeffress also claimed in that interview that Democrats don’t care about border security because “they are perverted in their thinking that national security is evil.” I can’t recall a single Democrat saying he or she opposes national security, so I’ll just assume we were looking at Jeffress’ ass during that entire segment since that’s the only body part he ever speaks out of.

It’s amazing how much bile you’re allowed to spew on television when you have “pastor” in front of your name.

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