Man Who Murdered Pregnant Wife and Two Daughters Says He’s Really Into Jesus Now March 30, 2019

Man Who Murdered Pregnant Wife and Two Daughters Says He’s Really Into Jesus Now

A Colorado man currently serving a life sentence in jail for murdering his pregnant wife and two daughters has found God.

Christopher Watts was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences last November for the gruesome murders. In an interview conducted this month, however, he wants to make it clear that he’s a good Christian now, who plans to read the Bible cover to cover.

Watts said he never read the Bible before entering prison, but has now read it cover to cover, according to audio and a transcript of the interview INSIDER obtained from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation on Thursday.

He revealed that he keeps pictures of his murdered wife and kids in his cell, and reads scripture to them. He also said he copies passages out to send to his parents every day. Watts added that his uncle and aunt, who are missionaries, have been amazed at how mature he has become since reading the Bible.

Given the horrendous nature of his crime, I’m sure many people hear all that and respond with complete skepticism. Is this part of some strategy on his part? Not necessarily, given that the multiple concurrent sentences and additional charges mean he’s not likely to ever get out on parole.

There’s also part of me that wishes the conversion happened sooner — maybe his family members would still be alive. But there’s also another, more sinister element to his statement. It suggests that he killed them because God wasn’t in his life. He’s inadvertently contributing to the stigma that suggests morality and religion are linked, even though people who don’t care for the Bible are perfectly capable of not slaughtering those around them.

If the Bible makes him a better person, and allows him to accept responsibility for his crimes, fine. But they don’t need the Bible to realize they alone are responsible for their actions.

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