Liberty U. to Students Reporting Title IX Violations: “You Report. We Decide.” March 30, 2019

Liberty U. to Students Reporting Title IX Violations: “You Report. We Decide.”

We know Liberty University as one of the most conservative Christian colleges in America. Its president, Jerry Falwell, Jr., is one of the nation’s most outspoken supporters of Donald Trump. But if that’s not enough to make you at least question how seriously the campus takes reports of sexual harassment or other Title IX violations, this most definitely will.

If you go to the Title IX page on Liberty’s website, a link called “Trained Advisors” will take you to a PDF that that offers a list of “trained advisors that are able to assist and support you during this process.”

At the top is the school’s logo. And just under that is a tagline that reads “You Report. We Decide.”

That line is a flippant reversal of the old FOX News slogan, “We Report, You Decide.”

How hilarious, given the severity of sexual assault…

Christian colleges don’t have the best track record for handling sexual assault allegations responsibly (to be fair, many secular schools don’t fare much better). All too often, rather than going after the alleged rapist, school administrators will ask the survivor to “repent” for her role in the assault or inquire about her sexual history, as if she’s to blame in some way for what happened to her.

Liberty’s line here seems to dare students to come to them for help. The authority figures at the school will ultimately decide how seriously to take allegations. That may be true in other places as well, but remember that the FOX slogan “We Report, You Decide” implied a wink. They claimed to report everything objectively so that viewers could make the final call, but the reality was that they presented biased information to steer viewers in their direction. There was nothing objective about it. It was mockable for the same reason people now use “Fair and Balanced” as a joke since FOX New is anything but that.

For Liberty to use a similar slogan when it comes to getting help for a Title IX violation sends a horrible message to students.

What else can we expect, though, from a school whose leader continues to celebrate a president who openly bragged about assaulting women himself?

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