Laura Ingraham Guest: Transgender People Are Trying to “Create a New Species” March 30, 2019

Laura Ingraham Guest: Transgender People Are Trying to “Create a New Species”

FOX News host Laura Ingraham, who is always in the news for the worst reasons, has a new clip to add to her awful resumé. Chatting with Dr. Paul Nathanson, a gender relations professor, on her podcast, they mused about how transgender people aren’t just trying to rewrite gender, but are apparently trying to create a new species of human altogether.

Nathanson told Ingraham that trans and non-binary movements have sprung up because “feminists challenge the notion of gender” and this has evolved into the development of feminist ideology.

In response, Ingraham said: “Their goal ultimately is the destruction or elimination of the traditional family, though, is it not? That’s what we really want to get at here. That’s really what’s going on.”

It is not. Ingraham doesn’t seem to realize plenty of feminists have families of their own… not every person who supports LGBTQ rights is out to destroy families, as if such a thing were even possible.

“If masculinity is bad and men are inherently going to be patriarchal unless somehow we can train them, and beat this out of them — to be protectors and to be courageous, all these things that we impugn upon men — well if you get rid of all that, then the traditional family itself collapses and that’s one last bastion of Western Biblically-centered morality that enveloping our, and has helped us prosper, frankly, for millennia and advance in millennia,” Ingraham said, as transcribed by Media Matters.

It’s exhausting how many times feminists have had to explain that masculinity itself is not the problem; entitlement, rape culture, and ignorance of consent are. If teaching men how to be more respectful of women is going to collapse the “traditional family,” maybe it deserves to collapse.

Nathanson agreed with Ingraham, adding: “I think that the trans people have taken it one step further because by abandoning gender altogether, not simply re-writing it, they’re basically trying to use social engineering to create a new species. Which is what, in fact, the transhumanists have been doing for the past half century. Using medical and other technologies to develop a new species.

Uh… transhumanism has nothing to do with being transgender. It takes two seconds of reading Wikipedia to realize that. (Though if trans people have the ability to engineer themselves into a new species, that would be pretty impressive…)

This sort of bizarre paranoia is what happens when people refuse to educate themselves. It’s much easier to argue with a straw man than do the hard work of listening to the actual stories of trans people — and doing real research.

Ingraham didn’t push back.

Ingraham asks: “And the new species will be looking like what? Will be part human part animal? I mean, will be human mostly…”

Nathanson said, “I think human and part machine,” to which Ingraham replies “part machine, hmm.”

I’m not sure what else anyone would expect at this point. This is the same woman, after all, who harassed survivors of the Parkland shooting — teenagers — on Twitter. Compassion and empathy are foreign concepts to her.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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