Christian Who Backed Ballot-Stealing Candidate Says Christians Wouldn’t Do That March 27, 2019

Christian Who Backed Ballot-Stealing Candidate Says Christians Wouldn’t Do That

If you know anything about Christian pseudo-historian David Barton, it’s that he’s a professional liar. He’s constantly telling lies to the point where even his Christian book publisher was embarrassed to be associated with him.

Yet he has plenty of authority among right-wing evangelicals who want justification for their claim that we live in a #ChristianNation. Which means his claims about our current political situation are also taken seriously.

On Monday night, during a livestream for the Truth & Liberty Coalition, Barton and his son Tim claimed that Democrats were using “ballot harvesting” to steal elections, something Christians would never do. Specifically, they said Democrats were using volunteers to collect absentee ballots (which shouldn’t be done), influencing how people filled out incomplete ballots (ditto), and discarding ballots that included a vote for Republican candidates (definitely illegal).

“As Christians, we believe in truthfulness and honesty and integrity,” Tim Barton declared. “Our agenda is to honor and glorify God in our life and therefore we want to live a godly lifestyle and have godly behavior. If your primary agenda is to win an election, you compromise truth, integrity, godliness; that doesn’t matter to you because the number one thing you care about is winning the election.”

Christians have integrity when it comes to elections. Democrats don’t. Got it.

… Except while there isn’t any evidence of Democrats doing anything like what the Bartons claimed, there is a very recent example of a Republican doing just that. Pastor Mark Harris of North Carolina famously had a congressional race called in his favor last November… only to have to give it up after it became clear he had hired a man to — wait for it — harvest ballots.

And guess who endorsed Mark Harris…?

Does David Barton know his lies are online or does he just assume his Christian audience is so dumb they’ll never realize it? Who knows. But remember that this sort of corruption is clear and documented on the GOP side. Republicans love to complain about virtually non-existent “voter fraud” that benefits Democrats… meanwhile, they ignore actual ballot stealing on their side (while also supporting gerrymandering). That’s the side that white evangelical Christians support because, you know, integrity.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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