Kind or Creepy? Christians in TN Sent 40,000 Jesus-Filled Postcards to Strangers March 25, 2019

Kind or Creepy? Christians in TN Sent 40,000 Jesus-Filled Postcards to Strangers

Is this loving or just plain creepy?

400 churches in Nashville, Tennessee used public records to find the addresses of 40,000 people… in order to send them handwritten letters about how church members were praying for them.

Some of the letters also mentioned the Devil.

Area churches are doing something called Awaken Nashville. Members of the churches are praying for people on a list, and sending them a handwritten postcard or letter.

Some believe it’s an invasion of privacy.

Eric Stillman, with the Jewish federation says he wouldn’t necessarily use that same method, but doesn’t think it’s wrong to use public records for this reason.

I imagine the letters might come across as ridiculous, if not outright offensive, to those who don’t believe in Satan or God — even if the intentions were good.

After all, how would the same Christians feel if atheists sent them personalized letters saying God was a myth and they just wanted to help the recipients “see reason”? (Oh, and by the way, don’t worry about how we got your address.)

Even giving these church members the benefit of the doubt, it’s hard to feel touched by a gesture that attempts to be “one size fits all” and doesn’t address me personally. They would have been better off saving money on stamps and using their time to go out into the community and volunteer at soup kitchens or something.

Much like sending thoughts and prayers after a tragedy, the postcards made it easy for these Christians to say they did something useful without actually doing anything meaningful.

(Screenshot via Fox17)

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