Uri Geller: I Will “Telepathically” Stop Brexit by Sending Energy to Theresa May March 24, 2019

Uri Geller: I Will “Telepathically” Stop Brexit by Sending Energy to Theresa May

Self-proclaimed paranormalist Uri Geller, the famously debunked “psychic” who “predicted” Donald Trump‘s 2016 victory because he has 11 letters in his name, has found a new way to get attention.

He says he will “telepathically” stop British Prime Minister Theresa May from following through with Brexit.

He plans to transmit his psychic energy into May’s brain at the “very mystical time” of 11.11 in the morning and evening every day from a secret location near his home in Israel.

He will visualise her signing a document revoking article 50 and, separately, he will also visualise her deciding to hold a second referendum — but this, he says, is his “second choice”.

He has already successfully penetrated May’s mind, he added, when she visited his home three years before she became prime minister. “I bombarded her mind to be the prime minister — and she became the prime minister,” he said.

Uh-huh… sure. These so-called “psychics” all work the same way. Geller plans to take credit if Brexit doesn’t occur — pay no mind to the million people who marched against Brexit yesterday — and he’ll come up with some rationalization if Brexit ever happens. And his predictions are crazy enough — and his lies so brazen — that they’re bound to get media attention.

The Guardian published two articles about his claims in two days, without a single voice of reason in either one. That’s a disservice to readers, who deserve at least one sensible voice in each piece saying he’s full of shit.

It’s telling that the man who claims he has the power to stop Brexit did absolutely nothing about it in 2016 when the vote occurred. Imagine having the mental power to change the course of Brexit but allowing the nation to go through three years of chaos first before letting everyone in on your abilities.

The Guardian didn’t mention that either.

(via Dispatches From the Culture Wars. Image via Shutterstock)

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