Administrator Fired After Mocking Trans Student and Following Him Into Bathroom March 22, 2019

Administrator Fired After Mocking Trans Student and Following Him Into Bathroom

An assistant principal lost his job after reportedly telling a trans student “You freak me out” and following him into the restroom.

It’s behavior that makes you wonder: Why was Lee Livengood hired in the first place?

The board of education in Harrison County, West Virginia, voted to not renew for Lee Livengood, who previously served as assistant principal at Liberty [High] School, according to the Associated Press.

Livengood was given a four-day suspension late last year after the incident occurred.

Livengood allegedly attempted to make 15-year-old student… prove his gender by asking him to use a urinal.

“I felt really degraded and discriminated against,” [the student] said, adding that he was traumatized by the experience.

No kidding he felt traumatized. What Livengood did was a form of sexual assault, and a four-day suspension (some with pay!) doesn’t even come close to matching the seriousness of his alleged infractions.

It took a petition from the ACLU — signed by more than a thousand people — to help convince the school board not to renew Livengood’s contract.

Once again, it was the cis administrator, not the trans student, who caused problems in a bathroom. Conservative Christians have it all wrong.

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