Pakistani Man Stabs Professor to Death for Throwing Co-Ed Party for New Students March 21, 2019

Pakistani Man Stabs Professor to Death for Throwing Co-Ed Party for New Students

Khalid Hameed, a professor of English at Government Sadiq Egerton College in Pakistan, was stabbed to death yesterday by a student who felt he was guilty of blasphemy.

The purported motive for the attacker was a party Hameed was throwing this week for new students.

Police sources told DawnNewsTV that [the killer] was averse to the event being organised because he viewed the mingling of male and female pupils at the function as “un-Islamic”.

Following an argument, [the killer] stabbed the professor in the abdomen and head, police said. Hameed was taken to the Bahawalpur Victoria Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Also disturbing is how Hameed’s son watched the whole thing unfold in front of him. He told reporters he dropped his father off at the college when he saw the attacker approach him:

… He said his father proceeded to enter his office while he (the son) was still in the parking; he said he saw the attacker hiding behind a pillar and then suddenly charging at the teacher.

“As my father was about to step into his office, the guy attacked him with a knife, hitting him on his head and stomach,” he told AFP.

“My father then fell down and I rushed to him; the student held his knife and started shouting ‘I have killed him, I had told him that a gender mix reception is against Islam’,” he said.

The Religion of Peace™ strikes again.

The suspect has been arrested and allegedly confessed to the murder. When asked why he didn’t resolve the issue with words, he only said the country’s supposedly lax laws were “freeing the blasphemers.” So it was up to him to stop the madness.

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