Catholic Priest Arrested for Allegedly Groping a Dying Woman March 21, 2019

Catholic Priest Arrested for Allegedly Groping a Dying Woman

A Catholic priest from Austin, Texas was arrested today for allegedly groping a woman who was on the verge of dying.

Rev. Gerold Langsch was called to the bedside of a woman in hospice care last October, in order to administer last rites. According to the police report, he did far more than that.

The woman, who is still alive, reported that Langsch first anointed her chest with holy water, then began to apply lotion, massaging a breast, pinching a nipple and asking “Does that feel good?” He then tried to slip his hand inside her diaper but was unable to.

The woman later told police the priest’s actions left her in shock, uncomfortable, confused and feeling like, she told police, a “nasty, dirty piece of meat.”


The Catholic Diocese of Austin says Langsch is no longer working as a priest. They removed him from St. Paul Catholic Church due to a separate report that claimed he “failed to maintain proper boundaries with an adult.” It wasn’t physical, but the line was still crossed.

If convicted, Langsch faces up to a year in jail on top of a maximum $4,000 fine. The 75-year-old priest is currently out on bond.

(Thanks to Christian Nightmares for the link)

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