Evangelist Can’t Handle “Big Strapping Men” Having Sex in a Christian-Owned B&B March 20, 2019

Evangelist Can’t Handle “Big Strapping Men” Having Sex in a Christian-Owned B&B

E.W. Jackson, the Christian evangelist and failed politician, can’t stop thinking about what two gay men might do in the privacy of a bedroom.

On his radio show “The Awakening” yesterday, Jackson was ranting about the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear a case involving a Christian woman that owns a bed & breakfast in Hawaii. That woman refused to rent a room to a lesbian couple, got sued over it, and lost. Her lawyers wanted the Supreme Court to overturn that decision, but the justices decided not to get involved.

Jackson was furious. Instead of talking about the law, though, he explained in great detail what two men might do together in a hotel room.

“Can I just be perfectly blunt?” Jackson said. “Why in the world should Christians who have spent their time, their energy, their money, their prayers to buy a little bitty bed-and-breakfast with three rooms for guests be forced by the law to have two old, big strapping men go up in one of their rooms and have sex? Now that’s disgusting! Or two women? In a place that they probably prayed over and dedicated to God and said, ‘God use this place for your glory, use it bless people and to encourage people and to comfort people and to help people.’ And they put their time, their energy, their money into it and then you’ve got the law come along and say, ‘Yeah, you’ve got to let two homosexuals go into one of those rooms and do whatever they do.’”

I like how, in his mind, they have to be “strapping.” It shows you how much he’s thought about this scenario.

Does someone want to let him know that two straight people are entirely capable of doing the kinkiest things imaginable — much to the chagrin of the Christian owner — but Jackson can only contemplate two gay men doing “whatever they do.”

Jackson said that “homosexuals basically are trying to intimidate and cow Christians into bowing to their will” before declaring that Christians will give up their lives rather than adhere to any earthly law that violates the laws of God.

“We’re not bowing,” he vowed. “They can do whatever they want to do. We’re not bowing … We Christians are never going to bow down. Never! You’ll have to kill us, but we won’t bow.

Jesus… The women wanted to rent a room at a bed & breakfast, not slaughter the Christian owner. They want the same accommodations offered to straight couples, and the courts agreed anything less would amount to discrimination. Conservative Christians can’t make sense of that because their religion holds them back from accepting civil rights.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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