Dave Daubenmire to Christian Viewers: “Pay Zero Attention” to Mosque Shooting March 19, 2019

Dave Daubenmire to Christian Viewers: “Pay Zero Attention” to Mosque Shooting

***Update***: A day after telling people to “pay zero attention” to the mosque shooting, Daubenmire spent a good chunk of his show talking about… oh, you know.

It finally happened. A Christian responded to a mass shooting by offering something less helpful than thoughts and prayers.

Right-wing “Coach” Dave Daubenmire said on his show yesterday that Christians shouldn’t even offer their sympathies. In fact, they shouldn’t think about the Muslim victims at all.

Please do me a favor. Please pay zero attention to the mosque shooting. Okay?… Do you have any idea how many Christians are killed around the world by Muslims every day? Do you have any idea? I saw, like, 84,000 Christians killed by Muslims in the last year… All over the news was, “These poor Muslims were shot.” And I’m not condoning the shooting of Muslims, but wake up here, will ya?

It’s not clear which part of his ass he pulled that statistic out of… but it’s worth pointing out that he wants sympathy for Christians killed at the hands of Muslim extremists, while urging his listeners to offer none of it for peaceful Muslims who died at the hand of a right-wing terrorist.

The Christian Love just shines through, doesn’t it?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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