Parkland School Shooter Spoke of Demons Shortly After Being Captured March 17, 2019

Parkland School Shooter Spoke of Demons Shortly After Being Captured

The suspect in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year apparently told cops shortly after being captured that he heard “demons.” It’s body cam footage that his defense lawyers may use to show he wasn’t acting of his own free will as they mount a possible insanity plea. (They haven’t said they’re doing that.)

The shooter, who took 17 lives, made the remarks about an hour after the massacre ended. The body cam footage was released on Friday.

In the body camera video released Friday, the unidentified Coral Springs officer wearing it asks the then 19-year-old suspect casually, “What’s going on today, bro?”

[The alleged shooter] replies, “Demons, man.”

“Demons?” the officer asks, playing with a piece of string in his hands.

“Voices,” [The suspect] replies.

Hours later, Cruz would tell detectives during an interrogation that he has long heard demons, according to redacted transcripts released in August.

It’s not clear if the alleged shooter suffered from mental illness before the incident, but the South Florida Sun Sentinel notes that his remarks “stood in contrast” to very clear remarks he made announcing his planned attack.

The Devil wasn’t mentioned in those videos.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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