Bryan Fischer: The NZ Shooter Had a Point Since Islam “Does Need to be Stopped” March 16, 2019

Bryan Fischer: The NZ Shooter Had a Point Since Islam “Does Need to be Stopped”

It’s part of the ritual after mass shootings: Conservative Christians will always say something idiotic in the name of their God. And because the victims in Christchurch were Muslim, it’s an even greater opportunity for those Christians to stick their feet in their mouths.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association said on his “Focal Point” radio show yesterday that, while he abhors violence, he sympathized with the goals of the shooter.

Fischer said that ruthlessly murdering Muslims “is the wrong way to go about it,” but added that the shooter was “correct only in that Islam is something that does need to be stopped.”

“One of the things that happens to guys like this is, if they’ve got some loose wiring to begin with and they see that their government is not doing what is necessary to protect them—whether it is from illegal aliens, whether it is from jihadis, whether it’s from vengeful Muslims—if they see that their government is not doing their jobs to promote justice, to carry out justice, to protect national security, then they’re going to start thinking, ‘Well, I can’t count on the government to do it, so I’m going to have to take things into my own hands,’” Fischer said. “That’s where you get vigilante justice … and, unfortunately, I think we saw a case of that today in New Zealand.”

Forget the lack of sympathy for a second… what exactly does Fischer think the government needs to be doing? These Muslims were peacefully praying their mosques. No one needed protection from them, much less government intervention.

There was no need for vigilantism because there was nothing to fear. The fear appears to have been stoked by conservative hate-mongers, and exacerbated by right-wing social media figures, but it didn’t come from the victims.

For Fischer to bend over backwards to come up with an excuse for why this mass shooting could have been justified tells you exactly what “Christian morality” gets you at the AFA.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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