Christian Group Runs Anti-Walmart “Survey” After Gay Men Appear in Blind Date Ad March 13, 2019

Christian Group Runs Anti-Walmart “Survey” After Gay Men Appear in Blind Date Ad

A couple of weeks ago, the American Family Association launched a new boycott against Walmart after the company posted a cutesy promotional video on Facebook in which a couple had a “blind date” at the store while chatting about their favorite products (what a variety!)… it was all kinds of cringe-worthy, but the AFA’s problem was that the second episode in the ad series featured two gay guys.

The group’s president, Tim Wildmon, claimed Walmart had “chosen to begin promoting the normalization of homosexuality in conflict with the beliefs of its customer base.”

Because showing two gay guys not burning in Hell is a violating of everything conservative Christians hold dear.

The AFA has asked members to sign a petition that they will hand-deliver to Walmart’s CEO next Wednesday. (I’m sure he’s shaking in his cheap boots.) Today, however, they asked members to fill out a survey asking members what bothers them most about the gay dating ad.

Your choices range from They Hate My Values to Blind Dates at Walmart Are Dumb.

There’s no option for “I’m not bothered by it at all.”

That’s it. It’s a one question “survey” where all the options are essentially the same. (Conservative Christians hate “choice” in every sense of the word…)

What’s the point of that? I assume there isn’t one. It’s really just a way to get you to sign up for their mailing list and another chance for the AFA to get more signatures on their petition. Still, the fact that no one seems to give a damn about this ad except for the AFA should tell them how inoffensive it really is… it’s too bad their religious values include not getting a clue even when it’s staring them right in the face.

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