Indiana Pastor Arrested for Voyeurism After Snapping Pics in Gym Locker Room March 9, 2019

Indiana Pastor Arrested for Voyeurism After Snapping Pics in Gym Locker Room

A transgender person was arrested after entering a locker room and snapping photos of unsuspecting victims.

I’m just kidding. It wasn’t a trans person. It was a Christian pastor.

David Nathaniel Powell, the pastor at Grace Temple Church in Terre Haute, Indiana, was arrested on a felony count of voyeurism after entering a men’s locker room at a Planet Fitness gym where he was seen standing naked in front of the mirror and taking photos and videos of people inside.

Back on February 19th, an employee at Planet Fitness in Terre Haute filed a police report alleging Powell went in and out of the locker room several times during his shift.

At one point, the employee went to use the restroom and noticed Powell recording him from above the stall.

The employee said he was able to take the phone from Powell.


The employee noted that while he saw other pornographic images on the phone, he’s not sure he was able to delete all the illicit content.

When police finally went to Powell’s house this week, he responded with, “It was a bad situation and I have sought counsel.” Then he refused to say any more. The website and Facebook page for the church have been taken down. I’m guessing Jesus won’t be available as a character witness when the jury trial begins on August 22.

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