Bill Maher: Evangelicals Make No Sense When Comparing Donald Trump to King Cyrus March 9, 2019

Bill Maher: Evangelicals Make No Sense When Comparing Donald Trump to King Cyrus

On last night’s Real Time, Bill Maher argued that the reason Donald Trump keeps acting like a king is because evangelical Christians keep letting him think that. They continue comparing him to King Cyrus, a comparison that falls short in all kinds of ways.

Leave it to Maher to explain the Bible to people who can tell you chapter and verse while somehow missing the larger story and all the morals.

As he says, “That’s religion for you: The more it doesn’t make sense, the better, because it proves your faith.”

You almost have to respect [evangelicals’] focus. They decide what they want and they work backwards to find a few phrases in the Bible to justify it. Us secular types, we don’t have that luxury. We see Trump colluding, we can’t point to Isaiah 45. All we have is U.S. Code 2381.

If there’s any silver lining to this presidency, it’s that we’re getting a lifetime supply of right-wing Christians justifying all kinds of atrocities by pointing to the Bible, material that will come in good use whenever they claim in the future that Democrats in power are out of control. Then again, we’ve been able to point out their hypocrisy for years and white evangelicals routinely double down on their bullshit. Still, the people on the fence may eventually realize they can’t take the Christian lies any longer.

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