Canadian Chiropractor Loses License, Admits She’s “Professionally Incompetent” March 2, 2019

Canadian Chiropractor Loses License, Admits She’s “Professionally Incompetent”

Dena Churchill, a chiropractor from Halifax, Nova Scotia, has officially relinquished her license and admitted she was “professionally incompetent as a result of incompetence arising out of mental incapacity.”

That’s because the fake doctor was promoting anti-vaxxer nonsense online, further harming anyone who took her seriously. More broadly, she was punished for posting opinions about medical issues that she has no expertise in, violating her profession’s ethical guidelines.

Churchill [had] posted extensive material perpetuating unfounded claims about vaccinations and the negative effects they can have on people’s health, including the disproved theory linking vaccinations with autism.

John Sutherland, executive director of the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors, confirmed to CBC News the college’s registrar filed a complaint [in May of 2018] against Churchill.

The settlement, which you can read here, is brief and blunt.

The settlement agreement says Churchill underwent a psychological assessment in the fall. She cannot reapply for a licence to practise in Nova Scotia unless she provides a qualified medical opinion to the college’s satisfaction that she is competent and fit to practise.

She also agreed to pay the college costs of $6,000.

To be sure, chiropractic is also a form of pseudoscience, and it’s almost comical to see one group of bullshitters punish a fellow bullshitter for promoting the wrong kind of bullshit.

At least she’s not hurting people anymore.

But here’s the scary thing: Because Churchill is no longer bound by any professional obligations and can’t get in trouble anymore, she’s still spreading pro-plague propaganda on social media. Her Facebook page is just a bevy of posts spreading her conspiracy theories. While she can’t be prosecuted for her beliefs, Facebook has an obligation to shut down her page or prevent the public visibility of her posts. Same with every other social media site she’s using.

Even chiropractors had enough of her. No one else should be taking her seriously either.

(Image via Facebook. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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